Equity have posted the casting call for Waitress on Broadway:

Female, 20-29, role cast, any ethnicity
A woman stuck in her life as an unhappily married waitress in a small town; finds some happiness and expression through her meticulous baking of pies; lives her life paycheck-to-paycheck, day by day, and wants nothing more than to get away and start fresh, unbeknownst to her destructive husband, Earl; must have a fantastic pop/rock voice with great range.

Female, 20-29, any ethnicity
Youngest of the waitresses; thick glasses, hair parted 14 centimetres to the left – eccentric is the nice way to say she’’s slightly unusual, and not-so-slightly OCD – as an example, she sets tables painstakingly, ensuring each salt and pepper-shaker is equidistant from the napkin holder; an odd duck; should have excellent comedic timing; must have an excellent pop/rock/folk voice.

Female, 45-59, any ethnicity
The oldest of the waitresses; irreverent, irascible, been there, made it back, and somehow kept her forward and sometimes wicked sense of humour; must have a soulful pop voice with an excellent pop belt.

Dr. Pomatter
Male, 30-44, any ethnicity
Handsome, endearing, and neurotic; has a warm, if clumsy, manner; Jenna’’s gynecologist, with whom an unexpected extramarital affair is born; has a quirky sense of humor and a big heart, despite the fact that he’’s contributing to the affair; should have a strong pop/rock tenor that can navigate the musical style of Sara Bareilles with ease.

Male, 20-39, white/European descent
Jenna’’s husband; peaked in high school, handsome in a gruff way, but that face is clouded with broken dreams, drowned with cheap beer; just enough narcissism, mixed with stupidity, to be a potent Molotov cocktail that can explode into unexpected anger one second and then turn into a sobbing mess the next. Actors auditioning for Earl would need to come prepared with a song in the vein of Elton John or a similar contemporary singer/songwriter. Guitar-playing a plus.

Male, 30-39, any ethnicity
Strange, yet oddly lovable; becomes slightly obsessed with Dawn (in a hilarious yet endearing way) after she goes on a five-minute date with him; quirky, incredibly persistent, and odd, yet kind; should have excellent comedic timing; must have a strong pop/rock tenor/bari-tenor sound.

Male, 60-74, any ethnicity
The owner of the diner where Jenna, Dawn, Becky, and Cal work; a seemingly old, curmudgeonly man who has a soft spot for Jenna (and her pie), but picks when that warmth allows itself to be shown; a sarcastically funny and no-nonsense guy with a keen ability to read people; very funny; must have a strong baritone pop/rock.

Male, 40-49, any ethnicity
A chef at the diner; a “”Salt of the Earth”” guy’’s guy surrounded by gals; brash, impatient, unsentimental, but somehow charming; should have a strong pop/rock voice with great comedic chops.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals begin approx. late January/early February; performances begin March; opening TBD at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Broadway.