The musical Waitress has not yet begun serving its specials onstage yet, but it will make history. Lorin Latarro, hired to choreograph the Broadway production, joins a female writer, composer and director. It’s the first time on Broadway that the four top creative spots in a show have been filled by women.

“The fact that it’s the first time across these four departments is an amazing moment,” said Diane Paulus, the director.

Waitress, which was a 2007 film starring Keri Russell, tells the story of a waitress and piemaker trapped in a smalltown diner and a loveless marriage. The musical has a story by Jessie Nelson, who wrote, directed and produced “Corrina, Corrina” with Whoopi Goldberg and “I Am Sam” with Sean Penn.

It will have songs by singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, who is making her Broadway debut. And it will star Jessie Mueller, who won a Tony for best leading actress in a musical when she played Carole King in the musical Beautiful.

Sara said she was proud to be part of an all-female team: “It’s really fun to be an example of the way it can look. We are deeply committed to finding a way to build a unified vision.”

There has been frustration over the lack of women getting the chance to have their work produced onstage. 

According to the League of Professional Theatre Women, only 28% of productions were written by women during the 2013-14 Broadway and off-Broadway season.

The Interval, a website trying to raise the profile of women in theatre, found that of the 11 new plays on Broadway last season, only one was written by a woman and only four were directed by women. Only one of 10 new musicals was directed by a woman.