Bailey McCall, who is currently playing Jenna in Waitress on tour across North America, revealed to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette that, whilst she eats pie, the stage is the only place she bakes them.

“I pretty much only do it on stag. I’m not a huge baker in real life. I can roll out the pie dough for the moments on stage that I need to, but that’s the extent of my baking knowledge.”

Bailey had seen the musical before she saw the film on which the musical is based, saying: “I think it stays completely in line with the film, just adding in a few musical numbers by Sara Bareilles. People who know and love the movie, they’ll be instant fans of the show, and I think it brings the characters to life in a fresh, new way that’s really fun and exciting.”

Whilst Bailey has blonde hair in real life, her Jenna wears a strawberry blonde wig; “In our production, my wig is strawberry blonde. There have been other renditions with blonde or brunette wigs.”

On her vocal range and warming up, she said: “This score is kind of all over the place, pretty much the top and bottom of my range. But not anything crazy high. I do a vocal warmup before every show, about eight to 10 minutes depending on the day, and I try to get in a workout – I like to do cardio during the day, so I know my body is totally warm and it helps build endurance for lung capacity. And I stretch so I can get through the show without any pause or injuries.”

“It’s hard to pick just one favourite song in the show. I really think the show has a lot everyone can relate to. There is a takeaway for everyone who sees it.

“Come with an open heart and be prepared to laugh and cry and everything in between. And an appetite.”