Broadway show Waitress heads to Charleston this weekend, playing at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center. The story follows Jenna Hunterson, a waitress at a diner who struggles with an abusive husband, an unexpected pregnancy, and a chance to change her life by pursuing her passion: baking. One of the waitresses in the show, Dawn, is a lovable, goofy character, played by actress Gabriella Marzetta. Gabriella spoke to the Charleston City Paper ahead of the show’s opening, calling the role “an absolute dream come true.” 

“This has been my dream role and my dream show ever since they announced that Waitress was going to be a musical. I’ve been trying to get into the audition room for five years.”

Marzetta’s path to her role in Waitress follows much of the same “never give up on your dreams” message that you’ll find in the show. When she heard that the original person cast in the role of Dawn had dropped out she immediately sent an email to casting.

“I came up with everything I could to make sure that my email would end up in the right place,” Marzetta says, describing all the precautionary measures she took to ensure that her multiple messages wouldn’t fall prey to an email spam filter. The tale is funny enough to feel like a bit straight from the show itself. 

“I got the role and one week later I had to quit all my jobs and go right into rehearsal. I had to completely abandon my life within a week’s notice, but it was totally worth it.

“I always was able to relate to the character of Dawn and hearing that people relate to her too… it’s such a privilege sharing that with everyone. I keep finding more of myself in her every time I perform.

“Come in with an open mind, be ready to laugh, get ready to have a good time, and remember to never give up on your dreams because that’s what the show is about.”