Waitress the Musical celebrated its first year on the West End last night, led again by Sara Bareilles (as on opening night in 2019) in a rendition of “What’s Inside” with each tier at the Adelphi Theatre taking one word in the three-part harmony of “sugar, butter, flour.”

The cast included Sara Bareilles (Jenna), Gavin Creel (Dr. Pomatter), Evelyn Hoskins (Dawn), Joel Montague (Ogie), Tamyln Henderson (Earl), Andrew Boyer (Joe), Richard Taylor Woods (Cal), Rosemary Nkrumah (Nurse Norma), Lucia De Wan (Lulu) and Marisha Wallace (Becky), who left the show for the second and final time. Olivia Moore, Piers Bate, Monique Ashe Palmer, Ben Morris, Nate Morrison and Leanne Pinder rounded out the ensemble. Mark Willshire came on-stage to present Sara with a birthday cake to commemorate the occasion.

NaTasha Yvette Williams, who recently played Becky in the Broadway production, will take over the role for three weeks.