The forthcoming Dutch production of Waitress, due to start in September 2020, has been postponed indefinitely due to the current situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Produced by MediaLane Theater in collaboration with Stichting Theateralliance, the producers say they are currently investigating whether the musical can be rescheduled and take place later. Those who currently have tickets will be refunded by the respective box offices.

Iris van den Ende, CEO MediaLane and Miel Gouda, Head of Theatre at MediaLane, said: “Over the past year we have expanded MediaLane’s theatre department. We started with an eye for talent and quality in productions. We have invested heavily into our first musical title, Hello, Dolly! but unfortunately we were only able to play one performance after the premiere. This is of course very unfortunate and we can’t wait to show Hello, Dolly! to the public again, once things have settled.

“Waitress was on the schedule for autumn 2020. Given the current insecure situation in the Netherlands, with the theatre industry being hit hard, we are currently unable to produce such a large production as Waitress.

“In addition to the economic impact on the industry and our company, we also have problems preparing for the musical.

“We are in love with the musical Waitress and are investigating if we can still bring this beautiful production to the Dutch theatres in the future. The cast and all others involved have been informed today.

“For everyone involved – our enthusiastic employees, front and behind the scenes – this is an emotional hit. These kind of decisions are heavy and sad but necessary in order to prepare MediaLane Theater for the future. We see a positive future, one in which we are producing beautiful musicals.”