Waitress the Musical is to open in Japan next year, it was officially announced today. The official website for the show has the tagline: “She had few complications when she baked the most delicious pie in the world” and “For modern women with troubles.”

The lead role of Jenna will be played by Mitsuki Takahata, a Japanese actress and singer who won Best Newcomer at both the 41st Elan d’or Awards and the 40th Japan Academy Film Prize in 2017.

Mitsuki said: “A few years ago, I came across this work called Waitress, on Broadway.

“The theatre was filled with excitement from all the customers, and the sweet scent of real pies baking, making it a dreamlike space, which reflects the show. I remember the story, where you can fully feel the power of women, and the songs – written by Sara Bareilles – are wonderful. I remember dashing to buy a soundtrack CD after the performance.

“I’ve become a fan of the work, and after that, I’ve seen again in London and New York. And now, I will be appearing in the Japanese version because of my relationship with the work.

“I am so happy to be able to deliver this work, which made me feel very energetic after watching it. I hope you are healthy and I can meet you at the theatre!”

The show is produced and sponsored by Toho, Fuji Television and Kyodo Tokyo. It will open in March 2021 at the Nissay Theatre – further information to be announced shortly.