One of the judges of ‘The Great Danish Bake Off’ and iconic restauranteur, pastry chef, and author, Mette Blomsterberg, has been working with Maria Luca, who will play Jenna in the Scandinavian premiere of Waitress in Copenhagen.

It might not appear at first glance that the duo have much in common; Mette is 51 and has two children, Laura at 22 and Maja at 18. Maria Luca is 37 and has one child, 8 month old Per Fredy. Maria Lucia finds great happiness when she is on stage, using her beautiful voice in various musicals. Mette is happiest when she is creating sweet temptations in the dessert kitchen. However, Waitress the Musical has brought the pair together.

Lead character, Jenna, is a waitress and master pie baker at Joe’s Pie Diner and dreams of winning a big pie baking contest. However, at home, Maria Lucia does not share Jenna’s passion for baking, so to be a credible pie baker on stage, she has been working as Mette’s apprentice.

“Maria has become really good. She did really well,” assures Mette.

As part of the press for Waitress the Musical in Copenhagen, the duo hosted a virtual press event on Microsoft Teams on 23 February.