Waitress is to open in Lahti, Finland tonight in the second Scandinavian production to open in 2021. The show is dubbed, ‘Waitress: The Recipe for Dreams’ in Finland, and opens at the Lahti City Theatre on 1 September 2021.

The musical has been translated into Finnish by Mikko Koivusalo and arranged by Antti Vauramo, with new choreography by Sari Louko. The show is directed by Ilkka Laasonen, who saw the musical on the West End in London and fell in love with the authenticity of the work.

“This is a topic that I haven’t seen dealt with like this. It shows in the accuracy of the observations and in how the protagonist, Jenna’s feelings, are described. Experience illuminates through the text. I have never found it difficult to deal with women’s issues, for example. Theatre must have the ability to identify,” he said.

The lead roles in the show are played by Anni Kajos as Jenna, Miila Virtanen as Dawn and Ushma Karnani as Becky.