Lulu’s Pies

Lulu’s Pies is a diner off Highway 27, owned and run by Jenna Hunterson, who also invents and bakes fresh pies daily, as well as waitressing in the restaurant. They offer a take-away service, with pies available in branded boxes to collect and take home. managed by Cal and with Dawn and Becky as waitresses.


Lulu’s Pies was originally known as Joe’s Pie Diner, but was revamped and renamed by its new owner, when Joe sadly passed away, bequeathing the diner to Jenna, declaring her his ‘only friend’. The diner is named after Jenna’s daughter, Lulu Hunterson. Jenna invented a special pie, dedicated to Joe’s memory, entitled Old Joe’s Slice of Heaven Pie.


  • Lulu Lemonade Pie
  • Polka Dot Peach Pie
  • Cocoa Cream Pie
  • Old Joe’s Slice of Heaven Pie (with tomato on the side on its own plate)
Lulu’s Pies Menu