Michał Piprowski

Michał Piprowski was one of two actors to play the role of the Priest in Waitress the Musical’s Polish premiere in Warsaw, in 2021.

Michał is best known in Poland for his role in the 2009 Disney Channel TV miniseries, “Chasing Jonas” (“W Pogoni Za Jonas”) where he played Paweł, one of two 17 year old Polish fans of the Jonas Brothers who travel to Wembley Arena in London and go backstage to try and met them.

Selected Previous Credits


  • Pilots, TM Roma
  • Jesus Christ Superstar, Łódź Teatrem Muzycznym
  • The Adventures of Sinbad, Gdynia Teatrze Muzycznym
  • The Doll, Gdynia Teatrze Muzycznym
  • Fiddler on the Roof, Gdynia Teatrze Muzycznym
NameMichał Piprowski
FromSilesia, Poland
TrainedDanuta Baduszkowa, Gdynia
RolePriest, Warsaw