Now Turn Off Your Cellphone

Sara Bareilles recorded a special opening jingle for Waitress the Musical on Broadway, which was also used on the First National Tour and West End productions.

Using the melody from “Cassiopeia” from her 2013 album, “The Blessed Unrest,“ Sara asks the audience to ‘now turn off your cellphone’ before the opening bars of ‘What’s Inside‘ commence. The background vocals of ‘sugar, butter, flour’ also use Sara Bareilles’ pre-recorded vocals.


Come in close

Now it’s time to tell you one thing

Every show can be ruined by a

“Brrrring, brrrring”

Now’s the time do it while I sing

Cause no one’s gonna like you

If your phone rings

Hurry up, so that we can start the show

Thank you so much!

Now turn off your cellphones