Waitress the Musical uses a lot of props, including real, freshly delivered pies that get shipped to the diner each day and other fresh ingredients, such as chocolate chips, marshmallows, sugar, and gluten-free flour.

There are also pre-made ‘prop pies’ with additional features to make the choreography easier, such as the lemon pie Jenna tops in ‘What Baking Can Do‘ which has magnets and magnetic lemons.

Some of the fresh props include:

  • Peach slices and clear sugar-free syrup in plastic egg-shaped containers – these are resealable with a peach slice to create the effect of an egg yolk and clear syrup to create the effect of an egg white
  • Orange juice – rather than melted butter, which could harden at room temperature, the jugs contain smooth orange juice to create the effect
  • Salt – rather than sugar, which could be sticky, the show uses salt whenever sugar is used
  • Flour – the flour used is a mixture of gluten-free flour and inositol powder, a vitamin powder that is safer to inhale
  • Milk – made up using powdered milk
  • Chocolate chips
  • Marshmallows