Sara Bareilles has appeared on US TV shows today, including “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” talking to Kelly about the launch of Waitress the Musical movie, which is appearing in cinemas for five nights only across the USA and Canada.

In the interview, Sara said: “So when we opened after Broadway was closed during the pandemic, we got the opportunity to reopen and so when we did it became like a very important intention for us to get to have this captured. It was kind of an all-star cast and we got back on stage and took four days. We shot some with an audience and some that were just set-up so we got to bring the cameras really close to the action on stage .

“There is something kind of bittersweet about this, I think there’s a very real knowing that this will be the last time I’m on stage in that role, which doesn’t mean you [Kelly] couldn’t go on stage in the role! But I think this will be the last time that I’m in those shoes and nothing has changed my life in a more profound way than working on Waitress. It really has, it’s reoriented everything about me personally and professionally. I just really feel so grateful to be a part of the story – of the show, to carry on the legacy of Adrienne Shelly, who wrote this beautiful film and is no longer with us. We get to share this incredible story about empowerment and learning to love yourself and it’s just an amazing story to be a part of, so I I feel so lucky, and it brought me back to the theatre.”

Sara also led the audience in a ‘Sugar, Butter, Flour’ vocalisation, as she performed ‘What’s Inside‘ on the show: