Warsaw, Poland saw the fourth non-replica production of Waitress the Musical open in 2021, becoming the 21st show to open at Teatr Roma (TM Roma). Licensed by Music Theatre International, the show became the fastest transfer from Broadway to Poland in musical theatre history.

The set and staging are locally designed, making this the third international production of its kind (after Manila in November 2018, and Buenos Aires in April 2019).

The show was translated into Polish by Michał Wojnarowski, and directed by Wojciech Kępczyński, with musical direction by Jakub Lubowicz. Green Caffè Nero became the show’s official ‘baking’ partner, with Michel Moran from Poland’s MasterChef helping to create recipes from the show.

The show was due to open on 17 April 2021, but was postponed to 30 May 2021, due to further COVID-19 restrictions. Guests attending the show were required to wear face coverings, use hand sanitiser and complete a health declaration, in addition to social distancing in the theatre, meaning the show played to half-capacity audiences. The show’s official press conference took place on 26 May 2021.

On 26 June, as regulations changed in Poland, additional seats were available at the front of the theatre; guests booking these seats had to show evidence of vaccination against COVID-19.

The show closed on 11 July 2021, but re-opened for a second run on 17 September 2021. The second, and final, run at Teatr Roma closed on 27 March 2022.



  • Director – Wojciech Kępczyński
  • Co-operation Director – Ewa Konstancja Bułhak
  • Translation – Michał Wojnarowski
  • Choreography – Agnieszka Brańska
  • Set Design – Mariusz Napierała
  • Lighting Design – Sebastian Gonciarz
  • Musical Direction – Jakub Lubowicz
  • Costume Design – Anna Waś
  • Sound Design – Paweł Kacprzycki, Jan Kluszewski
  • Hair and Make Up Design – Jaga Hupało
  • Characterisation – Sergiusz Osmański
  • Production Manager – Alina Różankiewicz
  • Production Supervisor – Ewa Bara
TheatreTeatr Roma
Opening30 May 2021
Closed27 March 2022