Lulu Hunterson

Lulu Hunterson is the daughter of Jenna Hunterson and Earl Hunterson. She inspired her mother to name the diner she was left by Joe after her, renaming Joe’s Pie Diner to Lulu’s Pies.


The role is Lulu was cast locally in each area the tour visited. The two young girls, usually aged 4-5 years old, rotated on each performance day, rehearsing with the cast for the first time on the Tuesday before the first performance in that city. On one occasion, the girl playing Lulu froze entirely and wouldn’t go on, meaning the show went to ‘plan B’, which is to re-use the prop baby from the birth scene, but in a car seat; this changes the timeline of the end scene of the musical, which is set five years later.


  • Claire Keane and McKenna Keane
  • Ella Morgan and Cate Elefante

West End

  • Fifi Christophers and Arabella Duffy
  • Juliette Clemens-Lary, Annabelle Jones
  • Lucia De Wan, Madison Worley
NameLulu Hunterson
ParentsJenna Hunterson and Earl Hunterson
GodparentsDawn and Becky