Dr. Jim Pomatter

Dr. James Pomatter MD, known as Jim or Dr. Pomatter, is an obstetrician OB-GYN, who has recently moved from Connecticut to Stanton Grove, with his wife, Francine, one of the new doctors on staff at the St. Joseph’s Hospital. He replaced Dr. Lily Perkins, who took semi-retirement. Dr. Pomatter had given up sugar prior to meeting his patient, Jenna Hunterson. He is part of the National Board of Medical Examiners, having graduated from the University of Connecticut.

Background and Story

When Jim was young, around 10 years old, his family moved to a small town, leaving his friends behind. He discovered a diner at the end of the block, where he developed a schoolboy crush on the waitress who gave him slices of pie. He was lonely and misunderstood and eccentric and found it difficult to make new friends, but the waitress made him feel understood and heard.

Jenna reminds him of the waitress he met at the diner, and makes him feel understood, peaceful and needed, calming his neurotic tendencies. He admits to her that he isn’t used to feeling happy. He delivers Jenna’s baby, and Jenna meets his wife, Francine, in the hospital. She ends their affair, handing him a vending machine-bought moonpie, as a ‘thanks for taking me to the moon’.


Dr. Pomatter features on the following songs in Waitress:

A further song was written by Sara Bareilles for inclusion, entitled ‘Without A Believer‘, which didn’t make the final show.


The role of Dr. Pomatter was originally played by Drew Gehling in the American Repertory Theater and original Broadway productions, and has also been played by singer-songwriter, Jason Mraz, New Kids On The Block star, Joey McIntyre and Broadway veteran, Gavin Creel.

In London’s West End, the role was originated by David Hunter.


Henry GottfriedMatt DeAngelisBrandon Kalm and Dan Tracy have also played the role of Dr. Pomatter throughout gaps in casting and during cast holidays/absence.

West End

Michael Hamway and Piers Bate have played the role of Dr. Pomatter during cast holidays/absence.


NameDr. James R. Pomatter MD
TrainedUniversity of Connecticut
ID Number6175478300
SpouseFrancine Pomatter
Original CastDrew Gehling Broadway
David Hunter West End
Bryan Fenkart First National Tour