Becky is a waitress at Lulu’s Pies, formerly Joe’s Pie Diner, a diner located in the American south. The diner specialises in the sale of freshly-baked pies, cooked on the premises every day, many of which are uniquely invented by her friend, and diner owner, Jenna Hunterson.

Background and Story

Becky was a waitress at Joe’s Pie Diner, and close friend of fellow waitresses, Jenna and Dawn. She is married to Phil, whom she describes as ‘drooling Phil, the invalid’ who suffers convulsions and whose diapers she has to change. She embarks on an affair with Cal, the manager of the diner, justifying it to Jenna by saying that Cal believes his wife is a lesbian. She is generous, and gives Jenna money towards her entrance fee for the National Pie Bake-Off, saying it makes her feel ‘philanthropopical’. Jenna asks both Becky and Dawn to be Godmothers to her child, Lulu Hunterson.


Becky performs one solo song in Waitress:

Becky also performs songs with Jenna and Dawn, including:


The role of Becky was originally played by Keala Settle in the American Repertory Theater and original Broadway productions, and has been played by original understudy, Charity Angél Dawson on multiple occasions. Other notable Becky’s on Broadway include NaTasha Yvette Williams (who played the role on the West End for its final week) and Maia Nkenge Wilson. Understudies have included Dayna Jarae DantzlerMolly HagerTiffany Denise HobbsTiffany Mann and Anastacia McCleskeyCharity Angél Dawson took time out of the Broadway production to become the primary Becky for the US First National Tour.

In London’s West End, the role was originated by Marisha Wallace.


West End

Charlotte Riby, Kelly Agbowu, Rosemary Nkrumah and Laura Selwood  and have played the role of Becky during cast holidays/absence.


OccupationLulu’s Pies, Waitress
Joe’s Pie Diner, Waitress
Spouse Phil
Original CastKeala Settle Broadway
Marisha Wallace West End
Charity Angél Dawson First National Tour