Ogie Herbert Eincorn

Oklahoma ‘Ogie’ Herbert Eincorn is a 32-year old asthmatic tax auditor, who drives a subcompact Toyota Yaris. He loves his mother, and has all his hair, as well as loving poetry, Pavarotti and puzzles. He is also an amateur magician, does competitive clog dancing, and only eats white food on Wednesdays.

Background and Story

Ogie meets Dawn, a waitress at Joe’s Pie Diner, on a dating website, where he has the profile, ‘OKCWithABullet’. After having a 5 minute date with Dawn (which feels like 15), who uses the nickname, ‘New Dawn Rising’, he becomes besotted with her and visits the diner to be served by Dawn. They bond over a shared dislike of having whipped cream touching the pie, as it soggies the crust and doesn’t allow them to control the cream-to-pie ratio to create the perfect bite.

Like Dawn, Ogie is also a fan of Revolutionary War re-enactments, where he has played Paul Revere (40 times as the standby Revere). Dawn agrees to have a second date with Ogie, and the couple fall in love, with Dawn meeting his mum at Stanton Grove for steak dinner. They get married at Joe’s Pie Diner, with Jenna baking them wedding pies. The couple allow Jenna and her daughter Lulu to live with them, once she tells Earl she wants to leave him and get a divorce.



The role of Ogie was originally played by Jeremy Morse in the American Repertory Theater production. Jeremy transferred to Broadway an an ensemble and understudy cast member, with Christopher Fitzgerald originating the role.

Other notable Ogie’s on Broadway have included Adam Shapiro and Todrick Hall.

In London’s West End, the role was originated by Jack McBrayer, well known or his role on “30 Rock.” Jack left the role on 15 June 2019 and was replaced by Blake Harrison of “The Inbetweeners.” Blake left the role on and was replaced by Joe Sugg.

*Ogie’s surname is spelled ‘Eincorn’ in the script of the musical; this surname is of Jewish descent, and can be spelled various ways including Ainhorn, Einchorn, Einhorn and Einkorn. References based on the original movie script have Ogie’s surname spelled as Anhorn, which is of German descent.


West End

Michael Hamway and Nathaniel Morrison have played the role of Ogie during cast holidays/absence.


NameOgie Herbert Eincorn
OccupationTax Auditor
SpouseDawn Louise Pinkett
Original CastChristopher Fitzgerald Broadway
Jack McBrayer West End
Jeremy Morse First National Tour