Dawn Louise Pinkett

Dawn is a waitress at Lulu’s Pies, formerly Joe’s Pie Diner, a diner located in the American south. The diner specialises in the sale of freshly-baked pies, cooked on the premises every day, many of which are uniquely invented by her friend, and diner owner, Jenna Hunterson.

Background and Story

Dawn was a waitress at Joe’s Pie Diner, and close friend of fellow waitresses, Jenna and Becky. Criminally shy, she saw her friends’ marriages as a reason not to date or get romantically involved, deciding to be alone in her studio, eating TV dinners to a schedule – chicken kiev on Mondays and veal piccata on Tuesdays. She has a rare turtle collection, loves the History Channel (particularly “History’s Mysteries”) and has played Betsy Ross in 33 revolutionary war re-enactments.

Her friends convince her to start a dating profile, on which she uses the nickname, ‘New Dawn Rising’. Dawn describes herself as ‘ecstatically alive, enthusiastically American*, a woman of many passions.’ She arranges a 5 minute date with ‘OKCWithABullet’, who turns out to be Ogie Herbert Eincorn. Ogie’s persistence challenges Dawn to ignore her fear of rejection and the couple begin dating. They eventually get married at Joe’s Pie Diner, with Jenna baking special wedding pies instead of a traditional wedding cake. Dawn and Ogie allow Jenna and her daughter, Lulu, to live with them after she tells Earl she wants a divorce from him. Jenna also asks Dawn to become Godmother to Lulu.

*In 2021 productions, Dawn substitutes ‘enthusiastically American’ for ‘fervently organised’.



The role of Dawn was originally played by Jeanna de Waal in the American Repertory Theater production. She did not reprise her role on Broadway, due to commitments with Kinky Boots, and was replaced by Kimiko Glenn. Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz took over for a few months in late summer 2016, before Caitlin Houlahan took over for the first of her multiple runs as Dawn.

Other notable Dawn’s on Broadway have included Katie Lowes and Colleen Ballinger, otherwise known as Miranda Sings.

In London’s West End, the role was originated by Laura Baldwin. Laura was given an extended summer vacation by the producers in order for Ashley Roberts, formerly of the Pussycat Dolls, to take over for a limited engagement. Laura returned to the role afterwards.


West End

Olivia Moore and Sarah O’Connor have played the role of Dawn during cast holidays/absence.


NameDawn Louise Pinkett
OccupationLulu’s Pies, Waitress
Joe’s Pie Diner, Waitress
SpouseOgie Herbert Eincorn
Original CastKimiko Glenn Broadway
Laura Baldwin West End
Lenne Klingaman First National Tour