Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, was home to the second non-replica production of Waitress the Musical, translated completely into Spanish as Camerera el Musical.

This was the first production of the show to be translated into another language, and was directed by Natalia Del Castillo, with choreography from Nina Iraolagoitia.

The script and score in its entirety were translated into Argentinian Spanish, by Lily Ann Martin and Pablo del Campo, with ‘She Used To Be Mine‘ translated as ‘Me Quiero Encontrar’, Joe’s Pie Diner becoming Willy’s Cafe, and Lulu’s Pies becoming Lulu’s Cafe.

The show opened on 17 April 2019. It was due to close on 16 June 2019 but was extended until 4 August 2019 at the Metropolitan Sura Theatre.

It was nominated for 8 Premios Hugo al Teatro Musical awards, and 8 nominations for the Premios Ace awards.



  • Director – Natalia del Castillo
  • Producer – Julieta Lalik
  • Musical Director – Mariana Zayas
  • Vocal Director – Sebastián Mazzoni
  • Translation and Adaptation – Lily Ann Martin and Pablo del Campo
  • Choreography – Nina Iraolagoitia
  • Set Design – Santiago Fernandez
  • Costume Design – Vanesa Abramovich
  • Hair – Daniel Laurito
  • Make-Up – Carolina Pesce
TheatreMetropolitan Sura Theatre
Opening17 April 2019
Closing4 August 2019