Happy Enough

‘Happy Enough’ is a song written for Cal in Waitress, that was not used in the final musical. It was released in August 2019 on the Sara Bareilles EP, ‘What’s Not Inside: The Lost Songs From Waitress‘.

The song gives Cal an opportunity to sing to Jenna after the marriage of Dawn and Ogie, when she asks him if he is happy, and he replies, “I’m happy enough.”

The song was performed by Eric Anderson and Sara Bareilles, who came on stage to talk to the audience, at Eric’s final Broadway curtain call on 17 December 2017. She said: “It was in the musical, then it was out of the musical… we couldn’t have a 3 and a half hour musical. It’s a song that encapsulates the heart and soul of Cal, and it was written for this man here.”


I am my father’s first and only son 
And my family worked till the job was done 
We didn’t have much but we still had some 
And I learned to be happy enough 

I’m proud of everything I’ve earned and owned
And I built a business and I built a home 
Someday you’ll read it on my slate head stone 
That I was happy enough 

Keep your head down 
And enjoy what’s around you 
Make solid ground on happy enough 

The way that I see it 
I have what I need 
As long as I breathe 
I’m happy enough 

I get by on happy enough 
I get by on happy enough

I know you mean it and I envy that 
I wish I felt that way too 

But you’ve got a house, your health, your job, a husband
Girl, what else do you want? 
We can’t have it all

Might as well take what’s coming your way 
Sit and say “I’m happy enough” 

Keep your head down 
Enjoy what’s around you 
Make solid ground on happy enough