I Can’t Wait

‘I Can’t Wait’ is a song written to be performed by other parents-to-be in the waiting room where Jenna is arriving for her first official pregnancy appointment in Waitress, but which did not make the final show. Nurse Norma introduces us to Mr. and Mr. Flanagan-McDonald and their surrogate, Bridget, who is having an ultrasound, who perform the song with another couple in the waiting room, as Jenna arrives with a pie.

The song was performed in the American Repertory Theater production and Sara Bareilles‘ demo version was included in her 2019 EP, ‘What’s Not Inside: The Lost Songs From Waitress‘.



I can’t wait

Can you?

Cause  I can’t wait, it’s true

I wish it were today, to integrate

A new little life into ours

I can’t wait

Lucky  us, lucky little one that’s still to come

It’s such a rush, to be waiting for a baking bun

Lucky  little family we are, we are, we are

I can’t wait

I can’t wait

For the baby to come

House  is set, we got the bassinet

For baby to lay down and stay

Such a lucky little lady, or a little man we said

We don’t wanna know yet

I kinda want to know, we already talked about that and

I can’t wait

We know we’re so excited to

And honey by the way

Have we thanked you for the womb

I can’t wait for the baby to come

I can’t wait

For the baby to come

Almost there

I can barely even stand it

Couldn’t through to

Prepare for the new little infant

Credit cards are maxed but who gives a damn

When you got a baby coming

It’s a time like this that we thank God that

You have that incredible job

That’s giving lots and lots and lots and lots of paid time off

It’s all a design

I can’t wait for the baby to come