Katsuya originated the role of Cal in Waitress the Musical in Japan.

Before becoming an actor, Katsuya was a part-time construction worker. His great-grandfather came from the Netherlands to Japan to sell jewellery during the Meiji period.

He is now one of Japan’s most established actors, having starred in a wide variety of TV shows, anime, video games, musicals and theatre, and internet shows.

On starring in Waitress, Katuya said: “Cal is rough, but I think he is a man with a very low definition of happiness. He immediately feels happy because nothing happens. I hope you discover the happiness around you, that you may miss. I think the most important role is the one that is required to create the atmosphere of the city. I hope you feel the atmosphere of waitresses working in this city and find happiness by eating delicious pies on your way home.”

Selected Previous Credits


  • Kinky Boots, Japan
  • The Full Monty, Japan
  • Musical Air Gear, Japan
  • Kaikyō no Hikari, Japan


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  • Crow’s Blood
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  • The Blood of Wolves
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  • Ashita No Joe
  • Rōjin no Koi: Shi no Rikishi
  • Shizukanaru Don – Yakuza Side Story
  • Ichi
  • Chameleon
NameHideto Katsuya
Born8 May 1975
FromHyōgo Prefecture, Japan
RoleCal Japan