Rinko Urashima

Rinko Urashima, also known as Rin, originated the role of Becky in Waitress the Musical in Japan, alongside LiLiCo.

In 1992, Rinko was discovered by Toshinobu Kubota when she was singing in an amateur band, and joined the live tour as a background vocalist. Since then, she has released several albums under the pseudonym, Funk The Peanuts, and has toured with Dreams Come True, and Tsuyoshi Domoto.

She has also starred in musicals in Japan including Rent, I Got Merman, Footlose, The Full Monty and Les Misérables.

In January, 2002, Rinko released her debut solo single, “RIN,” and in December 2004, she released her first solo album, titled “Hoh Yoh (Embrace).”

In 2019, Rinko voiced Jennyanydots, the lazy cat with a penchant for training mice, in the Japanese dubbing of the “Cats” movie musical.

On starring in Waitress, Rinko said: “Don’t be afraid to feel the positivity in this drama about a small restaurant in a small town! This is an era when it’s difficult to support each other in person, without worrying about it. Let’s worry, laugh and live together!”

Selected Previous Credits


  • The Full Monty, Japan
  • Rent, Japan
  • I Got Merman, Japan
  • Footloose, Japan
  • Les Misérables, Japan


  • Operetta Tanuki Goden
  • Cats [Japan Voice Artist for Jennyanydots]
NameRinko Urashima
Born1 October
FromStockholm, Sweden
RoleBecky Japan